Monday, August 15, 2011

A classic quilling card

A week ago I had to make some cards for the store where I sell them. After trying quilling with all kind of new things (scrapbooking paper, stamps, eye powder and versa mark) I decided to make something classy.

Classic quilling always looks good. Some simple shapes and fringed centers, sunny colors and I feel as if I`ve found the perfect recipe. I also love natural fabrics, like this hemp twine which looks like a ribbon (I bought it this way.

I haven`t found my style in quilling yet, but I`m in the experimental phase, some things keep repeating and I feel good when I see a red line going through my work. Quilling has been in my life for 1 year, I believe there is a lot of time to find my style. I have patience.

Thank you for passing by and reading my thoughts,


  1. i love the colours and also the background embellishment. it feels so 'go back to nature'! i'm new to quilling. just picked up the craft for less than a month. 'patience', i'll remember this!

  2. The twine background looks fabulous - you have a great eye for texture! I think you are finding your style right here.

  3. lovely card Anca. Finally you have found your style....congrats...