Wednesday, September 7, 2011

More quilled sunflower

Hello again! I have some sunflower cards for today.
While working on the sunflowers I`ve discovered how good it feels when I have a well defined project. The most unefficient days are those on which I can`t decide what I should work on.
So when I had the sunflower theme I`ve started and couldn`t stop.

I`ve tried for the first time these big leaves, like always, first they seemed impossible, and later were easy to make.

The ribbon I used is cotton lace, (hope it`s made in Romania, as the lady from the store said) which I glued on the card.

As for the sunflowers, I used tight and fringed centers, simple marquise shapes for the petals from the blue card, twisted marquise shapes (slug or leaf) for the petals from the yellow card, and some husking petals for the flower from the green paper (unmounted).

Wishing you sunny days,


  1. Ce frumoase sunt! Atat de pline de lumina, insenineaza chiar si o zi cu nori!

  2. Sunt splendide! Mai ales cea cu fundalul galben si cu dantela ca aranjament, la ultima imi plac foarte mult petalele. Cred ca sunt mai greu de facut decat celelalte petale, nu-i asa?

  3. Lovely sunflowers, Anca - I particularly like your husking petals!

  4. Petalele husking sunt mai greu de facut decat celelalte, dureaza un pic mai mult, dar merita, au impact.

  5. Thank you, Philippa! It seems everybody loves the husking sunflower :)