Monday, January 9, 2012

Quilled Snowflakes and Lace 2

Priveam pe geam cum vantul zapacea o frunza inca prinsa de o crenguta. Ningea usor si campurile erau albe in jur. Asta azi. Cu starea aceasta de visare am furat putin din Narnia 3 (programat sa-l vedem in seara aceasta) si am inteles de ce creez.

I was looking at a leaf, the wind was blowing. It was snowing slowly and the fields were white, all around. This morning. Dreaming like this I took a sneak peek to Narnia 3 (should wait until evening to watch with my husband). It was in that moment I understood WHY I love making cards, WHI I love to create.

Creez pentru ca prin creatiile mele ofer o scanteie de magie, o varianta de altfel, pentru care oamenii se bucura. Iar eu nu stiu sa traiesc altfel decat cu un strop de magie in viata. Si-atunci iau elemente din natura (precum un fulg sau floare) si le combin cu materiale si culori care asociate le fac sa para fermecate. Asa visez si eu, viseaza si doamna de la magazin, viseaza si cel care daruieste si cel care primeste. O clipa de visare si scufundare in alta lume. Si privindu-ne lucrarile unii altora, visam cu totii.

Well... I create because through my works I give to the world a sparkle from something something magic, another being of things, something that brings joy to people. And I don`t know living differently but with a little bit of magic in my life. So I take something (like a snowflake for instance) and I associate it with lace, or with feathers, or with unusual colors and so things appear to be charmed. From here come my dreams but also the seller from the shop the person who gives or receives the card have the opportunity to dream. A moment of reverie and immersion in another world. And looking at our creations from a corner of this planet to another, we all dream and feel moments of magic.

O felicitare simpla - am pus un fulg pe visiniu si un pic de dantela. Totusi are un aer special.
Quite simple this card, I put a snowflake on burgundy, a little bit of lace. Even so it has something special.

Va salut din lumea mea magica, de poveste,
I say Hello to you from my magic world, a fairytale world,


  1. Gorgeous card, love the snowflake, looks great with the bugandy, and the lace adds a nice touch!!!!

  2. Stunningly clear - like a calm snowfall. Silently beautiful!

  3. Lovely card, simple and elegant!

  4. PArca are ceva de poveste, dantela ii da atata eleganta si frumusete. Imi place foarte mult.
    Chiar invita la visare , ceea ce este frumos in aceasta lume, ca putem visa.

  5. Lindos seus trabalhos cheios de graça e delicadeza. Adorei todos!

  6. Such a beautiful card and the lace is so delicate.You are so talented .

  7. O felicitare atat de delicata si frumoasa! Imi place tare mult ideea de a combina rosul cu fulgul alb! Iar dantela ma face sa visez la delicatetea florilor de gheata!

  8. This is a wonderful card -- so classic and understated, but what a WOW factor!

  9. Картичката е много стилна и красива!