Friday, May 17, 2013

Quilling framed flowers / Tablou cu flori quilling

My dear friends, I`m still here and thinking of you. My last post was more than a month ago so I appologize and I hope it won`t happen again. Even my husband is asking if ~Why don`t you put something on the blog?~ :)))
 Dragii mei, sunt tot aici chiar daca nu am dat semne de viata de mai bine de o luna. Asa ca iertati-ma si sper sa nu se mai repete. Pana si sotul meu ma intreaba ~De ce nu mai pui ceva pe blog?!~ :)))

So here is this work I did and which looks amazing in reality, much better than in the pictures. I`m never satisfied with my pictures! I should get a better camera or call a profesionist...
Asa ca iata ce iata o lucrare care arata mult mai binein realitate decat in poze. Niciodata nu am fost multumita in totalitate de pozele pe care le fac asa ca fie imi iau un aparat nou, fie trebuie sa chem un profesionist...

I started to make these flowers thinking at the apple tree blossom. Now they look more like raspberry flowers... Who can tell?
Am inceput sa fac florile acestea gandindu-ma la florile de mar. Acum mi se pare ca arata mai mult a flori de capsuni... Cine poate spune cu exactitate?

I promiss to post more often, lately I did sunflowers all the time :)
Promit sa postez mai des, in general flori de soare am mesterit in ultima vreme :)
Cu dor si drag,


  1. beautiful nicely done!
    fine Pentecost
    Greetings Baukje

  2. Lovely flowers, I cant figure out how you can shape the petals with them being a tight coil ?

    1. Thank you :) Paula, play with them and you`ll see that if you push them a little bit inside and shape them after they will turn out this way.

  3. The tight quilled flowers look superb !

  4. WOW!!lovely quilling ! and they look so nice in the antique wood frame!!

  5. I love this flower and your quilling looks fantastic even in a picture...I have made a few of these too but I seem to shape it too much, then they just start to look odd. Yours are perfect.

    but I know what you mean about them looking better in real life. Mine do too.

  6. Mie tot a flori de mar imi seamana. Sunt superbe oricum. Din pacate un aparat foto mai bun nu te va ajuta (vorbesc din experienta :)

  7. very pretty! simple and nice. I have always admire your style. the wooden frame really complements the quilling.

  8. Foarte frumoase, Anca! Florile de cires/mar sunt printre preferatele mele, nu cred ca m-am plictisi vreodata sa le fac!