Monday, March 14, 2011

Flying free

It`s a challenge for me to design and make simple cards, using minimum of time and energy. Why? In this way my handmade cards are not very expensive, many people buy them and feel happy for finding something special to give to their beloved friends, family, colleagues.

I made these butterflies for the same reason: fast, beautiful and not an expensive card. I love them, I love the colors. I adore playing with colors and quilling strips satisfy a lot my need to do this!

But... I find myself in a risky situation - I am not using my entire creativity and I`m dreaming of more complex projects - like this one. With the money from my cards I buy all kind of things: embelishments, paper...

I admire sophisticated projects and I imagine all kind of things I would like to make... But (again...) when I find myself in front of so many colors and buttons and beads and stamps I can`t help myself, I want to create over and over as fast as I can.

This was a long post... It was such a pleasure for me to share with you my thoughts!

As always, waiting here for you,


  1. I love butterflies,and think they turned out very nice!Sometimes it's good to make simple cards specially if your making several at one time, and there are people who would rather have a simple card. sorry for rambling. Nice job!

  2. Your butterfly's are wonderful Anca....I also struggle with making cards that are quick so the cost is not so high. That is partly how my less is more style developed...out of necessity. But I hear you too....wanting to create more elaborate cards. I think the key is to balance the two which you have done nicely here.

    thanks for sharing

  3. I like the way you have matted the background cut-outs - very effective! And I agree that it's always satisfying to obtain a quick result. That's the beauty of quilling!

  4. Paula, your here, as always. I missed you! Your words make me feel so good.

    Cheryl... your advice is so wise. It came like a revelation to me. Thank you!

    Both of you make me feel more confident :)

  5. The layered circles really give an elegant frame to the lovely quilled butterflies. The total effect is superb!