Thursday, March 24, 2011

Waiting for the flowers to bloom

I made these cards some weeks ago, but didn`t post them... Diana from Happy Quilling posted in the same time about the painting and quilling combination. It was strange and yet interesting for me to find a post so similar to what I was working on.

I consider these cards easy to make. But I love the special air they have. Looking at them I can feel the breeze, the sweet wind of the spring.

I like this world of blogging, I like the way people share their work. I like the way we build friendships and the way we discover with every new post stories and characters and own styles.

Here are some tulips...

And here are some flowers from my fantasy world. I love them!

Now... the air is sweet, it smells like the green grass caressed by the sun...

Thank you for your time and visit,
like always,
here, waiting for you...


  1. Great cards, Anca - they have a lovely fresh feel to them! We can all learn so much from one another. Keep blogging!

  2. Thank you Philippa for your support and ecouragement!

  3. hey, ai pus postul cu acrilice! Sunt dragute, Anca:) Am ramas surprinsa de linkul din postul tau, dar iti multumesc frumos pentru el, esti o dulce! Da, si mie mi s-a parut dragut si amuzant in acelasi timp, ca am incercat cam in aceeasi perioada aceleasi lucruri. Si daca e ceva ce m-a virusat complet de pe blogul tau, asta a fost stampingul... Merci pt asta! :* Chit ca acuma am o obsesie in plus la care visez:)) Spor >:D<

  4. Oh Diana... Ma gandesc cu emotie daca nu cumva vor fi asemanari ca acum incerc si eu tot felul de minuni noi, dar nu le voi posta degraba.
    Pentru mine esti asa de aproape... si quilling si background identic si in acelasi oras :)

  5. very nice cards, like the way you added painting to quilling, nice touch!

  6. imi plac foarte mult creatiile tale quilling,si de aceea ti-am daruit un tag pe blogul meu