Thursday, May 26, 2011

New inspiration

My dear ones,even if I haven't posted for so long I want you to know that I visit your blogs from time to time, and I admire your new creations. And... I`m here, like always waiting for your oppinions and comments.These weeks I attented a special workshop and new inspiration came to me.
The course was about mandala, which means a circle that has to be filled with something (usually all kind of drawings, shapes and colors). So... quilling is about circles and colors and shapes and I thought why not? This is my first quilling mandala which I named ~beauty, color and life~.
If you are looking on the internet after some children mandala you'll find all kind of shapes and patterns inside a circle, waiting to be colored;  those fit perfect with quilling. Also, there things more profound beyond the beauty of Mandala, that just wait to be discovered.
Hope you like my new creation,
thank you for your visit,


  1. very nice...I love all of the colours.

    and it is ok to take a break or only post when you really want to.

  2. Absolutely beautiful - and a great source of inspiration!

  3. Thank you so much ladies! You are all so great and like always you make me feel so goood and happy I know you...

  4. Superb!!!Imi place foarte mult ceea ce faci.Mult succes in continuare.

  5. Superb! Imi place foarte mult, culorile folosite, modelul, perfectiunea formelor quilling! Am si eu salvate cateva mandale gasite pe net, doar ca desene, si pe care sper sa reusesc sa le fac folosind quilling-ul! Mi-ai dat un impuls :) Multumesc mult!