Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Flower details

Hello my dear friends! I`m home again!
Because I was gone I haven`t made quilling. So I`ll show you some flowers I made weeks ago, as details on my Easter cards.

Here is my favourite one, blue and green, and my classy acrylic stamps.

This one is made from different blue coils that gathered in my box as they didn`t match in other place.

This flower is restored from an old card.

Here I tried to make a flower I saw on other quilling blogs, it turned out different, but yet beautiful.

I love the way they look with this full center type.

I usually read on other blogs about people who take a pause from blogging. Now I feel strange to anounce the same thing: that I`ll have a break from making cards and other quilling works, also from posting. There are some projects I`m working on and I need all my time for them.

Somewhere, deep inside, I hope this is not true, and that I`ll steal some time I`ll use for quilling... Only time will show the truth.
Warm hugs,


  1. Очень красивые цветы!

  2. all the flowers are lovely, even the ones that turned out different!, hope you dont stay gone to long!!

  3. Sunt foarte frumoase florile, imi place tare mult cum ti-a iesit cea mov cu alb. Imi vor lipsi felicitarile tale! Iti doresc mult succes in noile proiecte si sper sa reusesti sa mai furi timp si pentru quilling:)