Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Here I am again. But now, that place called ”here” is not my home... Well... That place is now another country, Germany, and another town, a huge one: BERLIN.
Some of you maybe already know how much I enjoy life and traveling. Now, I am very, very happy, I feel my body too small for such a great happiness.

Even if I prepared a lot of cards for Easter I didn`t post them because I had to finish so many things last week.
For this post I`ve chosen some bunnies. I think I made around 10 different cards with these beautiful, paper rabbits.

I choose this card for Scrapper in Romania challenge, it fits perfectly. The girls told us the Easter Bunny story... and I loved it!!! This is the challenge.

You can see the flower-like button and the string. I like the way they go together. I also love this combination of the wood, paper and natural string beige with light blue. I consider it so soft and refined.

I like to imagine my happiness spreads like a scent all around and brings more light and joy to this world.

Thank you for your time and visit,


  1. Really cute card, good luck on the challenge!

  2. Thank you Paula, you are so surprising :)

  3. So lovely and its always a pleasure reading your blog poss.

  4. Tare dragut iepurasul, cred si eu ca ti-a facut placere sa faci multe felicitari cu el :) Iar fericirea de care ai parte se simte in fiecare bucatica de hartie rulata. Sa ai parte de Sarbatori pline de lumina si iubire!

  5. Foarte frumoase lucrari am vazut pe acest blog. O incantare pentru privire. Lucrat foarte curat si ingrijit. Foarte palcut!

  6. Dragut iepurasul tau.Va doresc sarbatori fericite!

  7. ce mititel si simpatic este!!
    bafta la provocare si PASTE FERICIT!!

  8. va multumesc pentru cuvintele frumoase, pentru vizita si pentru gandurile bune. Va doresc Paste Fericit!

    Thank you for your beautiful words, for your visit and good thoughts. Happy Easter for everyone!

  9. Foarte draguta felicitare! Mult noroc la provocare si te mai asteptam la Scrapper :)