Thursday, December 29, 2011

Quilled Snowflakes and Lace 1

I`m very happy. Santa brought some snow, so Christmas morning we found white fields around the house. Not too much snow, yet enough to make us happy.
Even if I`m not able to work as I wished I had to honor some orders.
And because pleasure it`s important too, while working I tried this combination - quilling and lace.

I`ve decided to post more cards in which I used lace and quilling, but each one in a separate post.
For this one I just love the way white and blue look together.

I`m curious to know what you think about it`s simplicity.


  1. its beautiful, I like that it is simple, sometime people tend to over do it, just a bit.
    love the lace, nice touch with the flower !!!

  2. The lace is quite a nice compliment to the quilling!

  3. Simplu si elegant, in culori placute!