Monday, July 4, 2011

Black elegance

I know it`s already Tuesday, but my work is here.
I created this chandelier looking at an acrilyc stamp. And I remeber I saw on allthingspaper something a little close to this.

I consider it beatutiful, black quilling looks so elegant and strong.
It is not a card, I only used the golden paper as a base, just imagine this chandelier on a wedding album for instance.

I am having a break from cards, I`m trying new quilling things (like husking, see the yellow flower, the first attempt, I think Asma with Symple Rhyme made a revolution in quilling. I`m trying to become more serious as I consider myself superficial in quilling, always searching for quick results and admiring other`s complex projects (I know I said that before).

I struggled to finish the chandelier and I`m proud I made it.

Hope you like it too :),


  1. Foarte frumos si elegant, cum ai spus si tu.

  2. Как изящно и элегантно получилось!

  3. It is so very lovely! A creation fit to be framed!!

  4. Good for you! Felicitari, arata f fain! Abia astept sa vad lucrarile complexe pe care ni le-ai promis! :D

  5. Superb! Si-mi place si spiritul "what I am is not enough"!

  6. Your chandelier is lovely and elegant! Thanks very much for the link to All Things Paper.

  7. so lovely....and like your yellow royal flower shining...