Friday, August 9, 2013

Cobalt and sunflower invitation

My dear friends,
I have to confess I feel guilty because I post only wedding invitations lately, especially with sunflower, but this is what I do these days...
When I started quilling I`d never thought I`ll get here, running an etsy shop and having so many clients who search for my sunflower invitations. But this is what happened and even if there are many ideas and projects that I begun... the quilled sunflowers keep coming.

So, for today, a new design, with one of my sunflowers, put on different colors. I believe cobalt and sunflower is a strong combo and that cobalt keeps haunting my mind. Just imagine a wedding with elegant, cobalt accents, beige and yellow flowers or sunflower.

I tried the same flower on green and brown too. Take a look.

The green and cobalt combo are my favorite!

This is my quilling from these days, I`ll try some autumn themes and I tried some daisy themes too, but I`ll show that in my next post.

Hope you like them, and hope you quilling makes you happy!

Anca :)