Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Hello again! The golden autumn is spreading its light all around. Beautiful leaves, beautiful trees, a special light... And my card for Halloween, which gives this special air... black birds... falling leaves... orange pumpkins...

I`m reoverying after a surgery these days, my husband published the latest posts for me... But now, I`m back again, I`m home again, just waiting to work again on new projects.

Hope you feel this melancholic and sweet air too...
Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sunflower wedding invitation 3

Va fi un post scurt cu niste cutii grozave in care invitatiile cu quilling merg de minune. Meda m-a ajutat (si incurajat).
Just a quick post with some great boxes, just perfect for the wedding quilling invitations. Meda helped (and ecouraged) me.



Pe care o preferati?
Which one do you prefer?

Monday, October 17, 2011

Sunflower wedding invitation 2

Iata un alt design pentru invitatii de nunta cu floarea soarelui. Am creat mai multe modele, va voi dezvalui pe rand cate un alt design. Cea de data trecuta se numea Vanilla. Aceasta se numeste Chocolate.
Here is another design for a sunflower wedding invitation. I`ve made more designs and I`ll share with you step by step another one. Last time I showed you the one named Vanilla. This one is Chocolate.

Cand le-am aratat pritenelor mele, doua dintre ele au preferat-o pe aceasta, spuneau ele ca le place contrastul. Mie combinatia de ciocolatiu si hartia sidefata mi se pare bestiala. Si, mai spunea o prietena "Vai, ar fi si pacat sa faci altceva, Doamne cata rabdare ai".
Two friends saw my designs and both prefered this one because of the contrast that it has. One of them said "Oh, it would be a shame for you to do anything else, oh my God how much patience you have!".

Ei bine, trec printr-o perioada mai sensibila a vietii mele, cu alegeri grele de facut, si totusi, in timpul putin care ramane aleg sa fac asta (quilling, designuri ai alte creativitati). Sa fie oare un semn? :)
Well, right now I`m going through difficult times, with hard decisions... yet in the little time I have I prefer doing this (quilling, designs and other creative things).

Florile nu sunt lipite definitiv de invitatii, am folosit burete cu lipici ca sa le pot schimba intre ele, adica sa folosesc aceeasi baza dar flori diferite.
I added the flowers to the invitations using a piece of glue foam because I wanted to use the same card for different flowers.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Sunflower wedding invitation

This summer I worked on some projects and they were top secret. So, now I can show you this special sunflower wedding invitation.

I named it Vanilla.

And here is the second version, Deep Vanilla, with a sophisticated sunflower, more petals and obviously everyone`s favorite.

What do you think?

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Quilling Black Halloween

Hello everyone! How are you? How are your October days? I`ve spent a special weekend! Here, in the Northern part of Romania, in Transilvanya, takes place a big fair with all kind of antiques and old stuffs (something between a flea market and an antiques market). The spot where the fair takes place every year in october is called Negreni (negru=black).

According with this theme, here are two cards with black cats I`ve made thinking of Halloween and witches and all these stories ment to be scarry.

They are really pretty, but still all black(!).

I don`t believe black cats bring badluck, but they seem a simbol for witches, and I believe there is a special witch in every woman :)

Warm hugs,

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

First aniversary

Today is the first aniversary of my blog! An year ago, on the 4th of October I was posting my first post with some autumn quilling cards. As a remember I`ve made some cards with the same theme: autumn leaves and colours.

Here is the link of that first post, called Autumn Quilling. In this year 74 people decided to follow my blog, I have 15872 page views and 4500 visitors. I never imagined it will be this way: so great, so interesting, so fun. I`m addicted now, I love blogging and as long as there will be internet I`ll enjoy this part.

And now the pictures with the autumn cards.

I wanted an Etsy shop for my blog`s aniversary, but couldn`t make it (even later I`ll be happy to have it!)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Less serious quilling :)

Hello again! It was hard to decide what to post today, but in the end I`ve chosen these carrots and pumpkins because the harvest time has started and I`ve noticed it`s a popular theme.
Buna din nou! Am decis cu greu ce sa postez azi, intr-un final am ales morcovii si dovlecii, sunt din aceeasi tema a recoltei - foarte in tendinte ca si tema, am observat eu. Ma intrebam daca va este mai comod sa cititi in romana decat in engleza?

And I was wondering: do you prefer personal email answers to your comment or rather enjoy the general answer from the comments section so that everybody ca see it?
Si ma mai intrebam ce parere aveti despre raspunsurile la comentarii pe mail. Dupa ce postez selectez uneori subscribe by email si atunci mi-e foarte usor sa va raspund personal comentariilor. Uneori uit sa selectez optiunea asta... si atunci las comentariile pe blogul meu. Voi cum faceti de obicei? Cum va place mai mult?

These cards are funny, not too serious, I`ve made them while playing around with my coils and shapes... and for the pumpkins card I `ve tried a minimalist look, and, I admit, I like it!
Felictarile astea nu-s prea serioase, le-am facut in timp ce ma jucam cu formele si rasuciturile ce le am prin cutii... pentru dovleci am incercat un stil minimalist si, recunosc, imi place!

May you have a rich autumn,
O toamna bogata,