Friday, July 29, 2011

Weddings time - wheat theme

Well, it`s summer and people get married all around. Lately you may have read more often the word "wedding" in my posts. Here are some variations for a fresh green and wheat wedding theme.
For the first one I used: chalk paper, my stamps, some butterflies made with the puncher and a satin ribbon that doesn`t look so good.

Here I replaced the satin ribbon with raffia and looks much better (even if the photo is not so good). This was the bride`s choice.

And now a more complicated creation, it doesn`t look bad, I believe it has a serious look.

And my favourite one, is wheat and lace. It just makes me dream...

I`m curious which one is your favourite!
I am here, always happy to read your comments,

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fringed flowers

Hello my dear ones, I am so happy to find so many beautiful words from you!

Here is my new post, with two cards that I made more than a month ago - a purple one and a green one. I forgot them but when I found them into a folder with pictures I felt in love, for the second time.

The purple one is my favourite, I adore the velvet ribbon, the beads, my stamps and... I admit, purple. Maybe with some changes it would fit for a wedding invitation.

And the green one. The flowers are not so perfect because I was trying different ways of making the fringed flowers.

Some time ago I didn`t like this type of flower, only because I didn`t know how to make it. I tried to make some, they wasn`t perfect from the first time but the more I tried the more beautiful they were. I feel so bad when I try new things and they don`t turn out the way I want, I am anxious all day. But, from things like this, from mistakes, take life new interesting shapes, and even in life, new ways of being.

Wishing you to try new things and keep creating,

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Husking technique flower

Hello everyone, I`m happy you liked my chandelier!
As I told you, I`m trying the husking technique, and I`m in love with it.

I played with shapes and they turned out into this flower. I thought it would fit perfect for a brooch, as a jewel for the takeaquillpill challenge. So here it is.

I`ve never thought quilling would bring so many friends and would help me become a better person with every new day. In the beggining I refused to use the techniques and the shapes I saw on other blogs as I considered this as a lack of originality, as nothing to be proud of. Now, I understood the true meaning of sharing. So I admire and appreciate all the works from the web, and I try to melt them with my own style, but I can`t help myself thinking to that first person who created a new flower, and sent it to the world. In this case I`m refering to Asma.

We are having a deep summer here, so I enjoy my balcony and the fresh evenings, I enjoy reading and blogging, and making big plans for my next quilling projects.

Sooo happy to read all your comments,

Monday, July 4, 2011

Black elegance

I know it`s already Tuesday, but my work is here.
I created this chandelier looking at an acrilyc stamp. And I remeber I saw on allthingspaper something a little close to this.

I consider it beatutiful, black quilling looks so elegant and strong.
It is not a card, I only used the golden paper as a base, just imagine this chandelier on a wedding album for instance.

I am having a break from cards, I`m trying new quilling things (like husking, see the yellow flower, the first attempt, I think Asma with Symple Rhyme made a revolution in quilling. I`m trying to become more serious as I consider myself superficial in quilling, always searching for quick results and admiring other`s complex projects (I know I said that before).

I struggled to finish the chandelier and I`m proud I made it.

Hope you like it too :),