Monday, February 21, 2011

Galanthus nivalis

Un nume regal pentru aceasta floare care ni se daruieste cu modestie, libera si salbatica, pura si plapanda. Mai puternica decat iarna rece, ne calauzeste spre caldura si lumina primaverii. Pentru ca da! Vine primavara!
Such a royal name for this flower which is humbly given to us, free and savage, pure and feeble. More powerful than the cold winter, is guiding us toward the warmth and the light of the spring. Because... yes! Spring is coming.

I enter this card to Stampin` Sisters in Christ - the challenge is: use the color green in your card/project.
Am pregatit multe felicitari cu ghiocei, pentru azi doua variante, pe verde si pe galben. Pentru martisor nu voi face martisoare. Mi se pare lucru mult si rasplata putina. Asa ca am facut saptamana trecuta muuuulte felicitari: cu ghiocei, lalele si branduse.
I made many cards with snowdrops, for today one green and one yellow. I won`t make trinkets for the first of march (how do you translate ~martisor~?). It is a lot of work and little reward. So, last week I made many, many cards: with snowdrops, tulips and crocuses.

Am inlocuit tulpina ghiocelului cu margelute. Arata frumos si mai ales e practic. Fasiile de hartie sunt foarte fragile si se strivesc prea usor. Am gasit mai multe solutii pentru tulpinite, le veti descoperi zilele acestea.
I used beads for the stems. They look pretty and it is also useful. The paper strips are too fragile and they crush so easy. I found more solutions for the stem of these flowers, you will see them soon.

Legendele despre ghiocel ma fac sa-l pretuiesc mai mult, sa vad dincolo de banal povestea lui plina de magie: mai puternic decat frigul si zapada, simbol al puritatii, al sperantei, cel care a dorit sa daruiasca din albul sau zapezii, modest, simplu si frumos.
The legends about the snowdrop make me appreciate it more, make me see beyond its simple image a magic story: more powerful than cold and snow, symbol of purity, hope, the one who gave white color to snow, humble, simple and beautiful.

imaginea e de aici


  1. Anca....I really love your quilling. The snow drops are beautiful. I have some out in my garden just waiting for spring to come too.


  2. Lovely - I especially like the way you have used beads for the stems.

  3. Ce nume frumos! Nu mi-am pus niciodata problema.
    Si mie imi plac tulpinile din margelute.

  4. OH My Word, these are stunning! Thank you for joining us at Stampin Sister in Christ.

  5. Stunnig cards! I love the creative way you used the beads. New follower :)


  6. That is so creative! I really like it. Thanks for joining us this week at Stampin Sisters in Christ!

  7. So beautiful! That particular flower is so pretty, snowdrops are so delicate and you have truly captured their essence through your quilling. Thanks for joining the Stampin' Sisters in Christ challenge this week!

  8. You have more patience than I have! I too have quilled. Have you thought of using a padded envelope to send your lovely creations to others?

  9. These are so pretty, I am not into Quilling but appreciate works of art. These are Beautiful
    xx Mau

  10. Thank you my dear ones! I sent some cards last year, but usually I sell them into local stores (around 2$ one card.

  11. These are beautiful!! I love how you created your quilling!!! I have added you to my blogroll and become a follower!
    Hugs, antonella :-)

  12. complimenti sei molto brava, passa da me

  13. Trebuie rabdare si indemanare pentru quilling, pentru handmade in general. Foarte frumos, eu inca nu m-am apucat de aceasta tehnica dar mult nu mai este ca am si comandat materialele necesare de la Opitec si imediat ce ajunge comanda ma apuc de treaba. :) Felicitari si succes in continuare!