Thursday, July 14, 2011

Husking technique flower

Hello everyone, I`m happy you liked my chandelier!
As I told you, I`m trying the husking technique, and I`m in love with it.

I played with shapes and they turned out into this flower. I thought it would fit perfect for a brooch, as a jewel for the takeaquillpill challenge. So here it is.

I`ve never thought quilling would bring so many friends and would help me become a better person with every new day. In the beggining I refused to use the techniques and the shapes I saw on other blogs as I considered this as a lack of originality, as nothing to be proud of. Now, I understood the true meaning of sharing. So I admire and appreciate all the works from the web, and I try to melt them with my own style, but I can`t help myself thinking to that first person who created a new flower, and sent it to the world. In this case I`m refering to Asma.

We are having a deep summer here, so I enjoy my balcony and the fresh evenings, I enjoy reading and blogging, and making big plans for my next quilling projects.

Sooo happy to read all your comments,


  1. WOW. beautiful !

    Cheers from Bangalore ,India
    Dr Sonia S V

  2. Foarte reusita floarea. Imi place si culoarea.

  3. How beautiful ! Really a wonderful idea and such a beautiful take on the royal flower.

  4. nu am mai trecut de mult pe aici, e foarte delicata, imi place mult!

  5. very pretty .Good luck in the challenge

  6. Lovely! It looks so much like a real blossom.

  7. Anca, brosa arata superb! Imi place foarte mult imbinarea de stiluri si culorile folosite. Multumesc pentru participarea la provocarea de pe Take a Quill Pill si iti urez multa bafta!

  8. Hi Anca, so happy that you have joined this challenge too....nice to see your quilling brooch. This is so beautiful.
    Good luck, Anca


  9. Its beautiful Anca. And yes, i second your thoughts... Blogging and sharing with others does help you. When people like your work, it's just a fantastic feeling. I am amateur and moving onto to be better.
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful quilled piece.
    Keep posting!!!