Sunday, October 21, 2012

Quilling cat card

Hello again! I do not expect to have the same success with this post as I had with the last one. I`m glad you appreciated the framed work I did, indeed I believe is my best framed quilling work.

In order to keep the same sweet, pink atmosphere I choose for today the cards with cats. I`m not a cat fanatic but I love them as much as I love dogs. Ok, maybe I prefer dogs (60% dogs and 40% cats). But I can`t help myself and I caress a cat everytime I have the opportunity. Two cats dissapeared from our home, but we have the same dog :)

Here is a the new collection.

And with more details the one from the autumn garden.

If something from my work inspires you please let me know! I`d love to hear how my work spreads around!


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Framed quilling name

Hello again! I miss so much my activity and the connection I had with you, so I decided to post more often!

Here is a new creation - an attempt of framed quilling name. Such a hard work!!!
Agi is the nickname from Agnes and I made this gift for a special girl who wears pink trousers and has pink cheeks and blond hair and blue eyes.

Va salut dragiele mele! Imi e asa dor de activitatea de pe blog si de legatura pe care o aveam mai demult cu voi incat m-am decis sa postez mai des.

Iata o noua creatie - o prima incercare de quilling nume inramat. A fost atat de greu sa fac literele quilling! Cred ca ma deranjeaza faptul ca nu pot avea precizie maxima. Agi este prescurtarea de la Agnes si am facut acest cadou pentru o fata speciala care poarta pantaloni roz are pbraji imbujorati si par blond si ochi albastri.

I love your comments and I love your visits and your creations and your friendship!

Ador comentariile voastre si vizitele voastre si creatiile pe care le faceti si prietenia voastra!

Sending you smiles,
Multe zambete,

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Autumn cards / Felicitari de toamna

A venit toamna... Acum doi ani pe aceasta vreme postam,cu emotie, poze cu felicitari create de mine. Sunt asa de bucuroasa ca am pasit pe acest drum!
Va multumesc pentru ca ma urmariti, pentru ca lasati comentarii, pentru ca sunteti parte din lumea mea!

It`s autumn... Two years ago, on this time, I was posting quite shy, a few pictures with my cards. I`m so glad that I`ve followed this road (a road with blogs, cards, quilling, stamps and a lot of beauty!).
Thank you for being my followers, thank you for your comments, thank you for being part of my world!

Pentru azi o felicitare din colectia de toamna.

For today, a card from my autumn colection.

Warm hugs,