Sunday, October 21, 2012

Quilling cat card

Hello again! I do not expect to have the same success with this post as I had with the last one. I`m glad you appreciated the framed work I did, indeed I believe is my best framed quilling work.

In order to keep the same sweet, pink atmosphere I choose for today the cards with cats. I`m not a cat fanatic but I love them as much as I love dogs. Ok, maybe I prefer dogs (60% dogs and 40% cats). But I can`t help myself and I caress a cat everytime I have the opportunity. Two cats dissapeared from our home, but we have the same dog :)

Here is a the new collection.

And with more details the one from the autumn garden.

If something from my work inspires you please let me know! I`d love to hear how my work spreads around!



  1. I like how you gave them scenery too. Cute cards!

  2. Sunt superbe, Anca! Tot ce iese din mainile tale e atat de delicat si frumos! Felicitari!