Thursday, February 10, 2011

No red Valentine

Today I present you some hearts for Valentine but in other colors than red or pink. Quilling makes me sooo happy! I love the colors, I love the spirals and the stamps help me fill in the cards.

The idea of making a rainbow (ROGVAIV) from hearts like this came to me but I didn`t do it and some of them are already sold. Maybe next year.


And now the blue ones. "Blue heart" is a sad expression but I couldn`t help myself from making them. I`m curios wich one people will choose and buy.

For this one I used something that I`d invented (I believe this until I find something alike somewhere on the internet and then my world is ruined:))) ). My invention: I put together two strips of different colours and rolled them together. The little heart is made like this and the result is a new color.


  1. De cand am vazut stampilele tale, m-ai corupt definitiv, trebuie sa imi iau si eu asa ceva:D
    Pot sa te intreb tu de unde le-ai luat? Si ce fel de culoare folosesti pt ele?Acuarele sau ceva special? Merci mult! >:D< Diana

  2. love your hearts, specially the purple one, I love purple!

  3. Lovely Colors and ideas.
    Dr Sonia S V