Sunday, October 9, 2011

Quilling Black Halloween

Hello everyone! How are you? How are your October days? I`ve spent a special weekend! Here, in the Northern part of Romania, in Transilvanya, takes place a big fair with all kind of antiques and old stuffs (something between a flea market and an antiques market). The spot where the fair takes place every year in october is called Negreni (negru=black).

According with this theme, here are two cards with black cats I`ve made thinking of Halloween and witches and all these stories ment to be scarry.

They are really pretty, but still all black(!).

I don`t believe black cats bring badluck, but they seem a simbol for witches, and I believe there is a special witch in every woman :)

Warm hugs,


  1. Frumoasa felicitare, pisicuta e tare dulce!!!

  2. a, era o pisica!! Foarte reusita, imi place mult tagul si culorile alese!