Tuesday, October 4, 2011

First aniversary

Today is the first aniversary of my blog! An year ago, on the 4th of October I was posting my first post with some autumn quilling cards. As a remember I`ve made some cards with the same theme: autumn leaves and colours.

Here is the link of that first post, called Autumn Quilling. In this year 74 people decided to follow my blog, I have 15872 page views and 4500 visitors. I never imagined it will be this way: so great, so interesting, so fun. I`m addicted now, I love blogging and as long as there will be internet I`ll enjoy this part.

And now the pictures with the autumn cards.

I wanted an Etsy shop for my blog`s aniversary, but couldn`t make it (even later I`ll be happy to have it!)


  1. La multi ani!!! Si cat mai multe creatii minunate pe care sa le admiram pe blog:)! Iti doresc sa iti implinesti si visul cu magazinul :)

  2. La multi si frumosi ani, cu inspiratie si satisfactii!

  3. Your autumn cards are beautiful and they really liked me

  4. Congratulations on your blog anniversary, Anca!

  5. Hello Anca, I love your quilling. Thanks for sharing...

  6. La multi ani! Sa ti se implineasca si dorinta cu magazinul!!!
    Felicitarile sunt minunate! Intr-adevar culorile toamnei sunt superbe in aceste frunze!