Thursday, August 4, 2011

A rainy weekend in Budapest

We had a rainy weekend in Budapest and because I suspected it would be so I searched on the interenet for some museums. I love the collections and museums. Because I`m in the creative era of my life I thought the Applied Art Museum would fit perfect. And so it was. We discovered a gorgeous white room.

And after, a wonderful collection of all kind of useful objects: books, furniture, vases and plates, jewels, boxes, watches...

And beyond the collection a story that concerns us all. The story of the museum.
Because the industrialization was too strong and considered dangerous for art, around 1850 it was decided to create a museum where beautiful useful objects be exposed. There were people who had to search and buy the most beautiful creations. So craftsmen from different guilds were invited to create as beautiful as they can and fairs were held so that they can sel their work.

I enjoyed this story and I was impressed.
Here is the entrance, the ceiling and the railings, everything breathes o complex creation (I think `art` is a word too hard).

I have some quilling too, but I think it`s enough for one post.

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  1. It looks like such a beautiful museum and the perfect way to spend a rainy day.